What is SYSTEMA?

Russian Warrior - Ksatria Rusia

Russian Special Forces - SPETSNAZ Pasukan Khusus Rusia

SYSTEMA is a simple yet versatile framework to learn martial art. SYSTEMA was claimed to be rooted back from 10th Century, developed by Russian wariors who has to defend their homeland from constant attack by neighboring nations. In order to survive, they need some way to train as efficient as possible, yet still be able to fight effectively in various battle situations.

This system was then modified by Soviet Government and adopted by Russian Special Force Units (SPETSNAZ) in the 20th century.

Colonel Mikhail Ryabko

Vladimir Vasiliev

In 1990s Colonel Mikhail V. Ryabko and Vladimir V. Vasiliev brought this system to outside Russia and it has grown into more than just a fighting system. The main concept of this system is “Poznai Sebia”, where you have to understand yourself in order to understand the world around you. Self understanding is a never ending process, and the rooms for improvement for it will be limitless. SYSTEMA aims to improve the quality of individual life through Russian Martial Art training. It prepares you to face many things, from dealing with daily life and work challenges to defending yourself and others when the time has come.

Strike in Smile

Although it has no strictly forms of memorized movements, SYSTEMA training is a good way to earn physical and psychological awareness. Using this awareness, one can develop their own unique way of physical and psychological response in various situation.

Disarming in Smile

In the other words, you can make your own technique and style when you are ready for it. As the individuals differs from one another, there are no identical SYSTEMA practice.

Detailed Instruction

Each instructors and each students have their own way to do things, even if they learn from the same teacher or the same training methods.

SYSTEMA is an art that supports creativity and innovation, so you are trained to become different from others.

SYSTEMA training in our classes mainly includes:

1) Conditioning
Personal activities to develop your mind and body.
Relaxed Sit Ups

2) Drills
Multiple person training with different roles, each with different focus of training aspects
Hand Drills

3) Conceptual Interactions
Various interpersonal interaction to increase understanding, ranging from watching demonstration to interpersonal discussion.
Explanations by Janik

In every training, one have to keep the four basic principles of SYSTEMA: Keep Breathing, Relaxation, Continuous Movement and Natural Body Posture.

Round Push Up

Being busy and exposed to stress from modern lifestyle for years (from school age to working life) has removed you from your natural state of mind and body. Problems might appear when the disturbance is not being handled properly. For example, you might get back injury for sitting in front of computer for too long, develop mental condition if bad habits has keep going for years, or having social prolems because of trauma from certain experience.

Happy Training

SYSTEMA is a good way to escape your endless daily life routine and get back in touch with your natural state of mind and body. You will learn to stay relaxed on stressful situations, to keep moving freely and having full control of your body, maintain the natural body posture in various conditions, and revitalize your body and mind by having the proper breath throughout the Russian Martial Art training.

In conclusion, SYSTEMA is a holistic way to develop your mind, body and soul.

Just like Yoga, but this is SYSTEMA.