1. What is the minimum requirement to join this training?
Basically there are no such requirement. As long as you are physically and mentally healthy, you will be able to participate in our training.

2. Is this training suitable for woman?
Yes. SYSTEMA uses simple yet versatile approach for training and it has several ways to reduce unecessary pain or injury during martial art training, so it’s relatively safer for woman. We have safety and healthy methods of training that will make you burn extra calories yet be more refreshed after you finished.

3. Is there any exclusive woman training session?
Not in regular class. Exclusive woman training session is only available in the special training program. For those who might need this, please be aware that we have to prepare you for real self defense situation. As most of the crimes against women are done by men (robbery, harassment, rape, murderer, etc.), we have to prepare you to be comfortable in dealing with them. All of the regular training sessions will treat men and woman in equal condition, so be aware that full body contact is mandatory for certain training. Nevertheless, you can always skip some exercise if you don’t comfortable with certain aspects.

4. Do we need to bring any training equipments?
No. All of the required equipments will be provided by us, including training knives, sticks, whips, training swords, training karambits, and punching / kicking pads. Please be aware that no protectors and matress will be used during the training in order to provide you with the most realistic situation. Despite of using no protectors, as long as you follow the instructions, there will be extremely minimum chance of injury.

5. Is there any supernatural energy or practical non-contact take downs in SYSTEMA?
No. There are no such thing in SYSTEMA. There are only body mechanics and muscle intelligence in SYSTEMA, and every cool moves has it’s own rational explanation and consequences. Don’t expect to achieve high level of mastery without being prepared to sacrifice anything. You get what you give, and you’ll become what you’ve been training for.